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Dear Entrepreneur,

To profit online, it’s ESSENTIAL to drive targeted traffic to your website.You can use PAID traffic methods such as AdWords (Pay-Per-Click) or you can go after ORGANIC traffic sent directly from the search engines.

Many marketers feel that organic traffic is better because it’s both long term and high quality. PPC traffic, on the other hand, is gone as soon as you stop paying for it.

Plus, with AdWords, it’s VERY easy to burn through LARGE amounts of money. But the organic traffic that results from focusing on SEO and link building keeps coming — it’s cumulative.

The amount of traffic controlled by the search engines is HUGE. And, with proper SEO, you can grab your share.

The only advantage to paid traffic is that it can be generated quickly. But, unless you’re planning to be in business only a short time, organic traffic is more cost effective. So, in the long term, SEO is well worth the modest investment it requires.

The disadvantage to organic traffic is that it takes some time and effort to build the quality back links that are necessary for success.

And That’s Where We Can Help! is your best choice for effective link building because we have the necessary experience and offer our services at a super-low rate.We provide services to a variety of customers: SEO companies (who outsource work to us), small businesses (especially those in competitive markets), bloggers, niche Internet marketers, and many others.

The thing is…

People always say, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”

But, with us… YOU CAN.

Our staff is fully trained and supervised by our management team. We build SAFE, NATURAL backlinks at a very LOW COST.

How do we do it?

Our little secret is that we’re an OFFSHORE firm.That means we’re able to provide SEO services at a fraction of the cost of most other firms. But it’s not just about low cost. We’re based in Bangladesh… a country with a large number of skilled, tech-savvy workers.

So you’ll get superior results… and amazing VALUE.

In a nutshell, nowhere else on planet Earth will you find such an incredible “cost to benefit ratio.”

When you hire us, you’re getting the best of the best. In fact, a lot of SEO firms hire us to perform work for their clients.

Here’s Why We’re Your Best Choice

For Link Building & SEO…

We’ve been building links and serving customers for over 7 years. In that time, we’ve served over 2,000 clients and more than 5,000 websites. (Many of our clients have multiple websites or run SEO companies.)

Here are some of the reasons why we’re INCREDIBLY POPULAR with small businesses and Internet marketers…

We Save You TIME & EFFORT So You Can Focus On Your Business:
Make no mistake: the main “secret” to ranking high in the search engines is proper link building. To outrank your competitors, you MUST build new links on an ongoing basis. This is KEY.However, some people try to do their own SEO work. But that’s a poor use of time. You see… to succeed online, you need to focus on your core business tasks — not SEO or link building.This is an age of specialization. Proper link building requires time, effort, knowledge, and experience. When you hire us, we’ll do all the hard work… and do it right.As a result, you’ll be free to attend to other — more important — tasks.

If you place too many links, too quickly… Google will assume you’re spamming to increase your rankings.That’s why we build your links over a period time, rather than all at once. Furthermore, the BEST QUALITY links are natural, relevant, comprised of a variety of link types, link to both the home page and inner pages, have varied anchor text… and several other factors.That’s the way PROFESSIONAL link building should be done — so that’s exactly how we do it. We use ONLY legal, “white hat” methods. And ALL of our links are 100% manually created by humans — NOT software.A lot of SEO firms use spamming software to quickly build links in HUGE numbers. While this may, initially, seem impressive — it’s a dangerous practice. Eventually Google will get wise and PUNISH YOU.

When that happens, it’s common for your rank to fall dramatically. That’s why you need an SEO firm you can TRUST — one that exclusively uses SAFE methods… like

In short, we get results by building QUALITY backlinks — NOT by “tricking” Google (and the other search engines).

The kind of loopholes and “black hat” tactics used by some SEO firms are short lived and can even result in your business being DELISTED.

Links built using these “illegal” tactics aren’t a bargain at ANY price.

That’s why our emphasis is on following SAFE link building practices for long-term success. Google LOVES our backlinks… and you will, too.

At, we have an enormous amount of real-world knowledge and experience. As I mentioned, we’ve been in the business of building quality links for 7 years. We know what works.And, again, we’ve served THOUSANDS of clients. In fact, our biggest source of business comes from repeat customers and their referrals. Our sterling reputation is the backbone of our business.To serve you well, we work hard to stay up-to-date with SEO “best practices.” Furthermore, all services are performed by our own professional, HIGHLY TRAINED, 40-member staff.
We Provide LOW COST & HIGH QUALITY For Amazing Value:
To keep our quality high, we DO NOT outsource SEO or link building work to others.Some SEO firms simply take orders and then outsource the work to the lowest bidder. But that’s not in YOUR best interests.Again, that’s why we’re singularly focused on providing EFFECTIVE link building services… which explains why we’re so popular.Whereas other firms offer EITHER low price or high quality, we can offer BOTH because we’re an offshore firm — which allows us to provide tremendous value.

We can, in fact, do it better AND more cheaply than almost ANY other firm.

The bottom line is that our clients — people just like YOU
– get better results, while spending less money. That means you can focus all your efforts on your core business instead of worrying about building links and SEO.

Professional, Courteous, And Reliable Customer Service:
When you hire us, you’ll get professional quality work that’s supervised by our customer-centric management team.If you ever have a question, just let us know. We respond to all e-mail inquires within 24 hours.In addition, you’ll receive detailed reporting of all the work performed (for complete transparency).

Need more info? Contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We offer a comprehensive array of link building and SEO services for virtually ANY budget.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Question: Why can’t I just build my own backlinks?
Well, you could try. However, there are good reasons why you shouldn’t.First of all, it’s extremely unlikely that you would be able to do it as well as us. It requires specific expertise, knowledge, and experience.But we’re experts. We specialize in “natural” link building. And we’re extremely good at it.”Natural” link structures use a variety of links. Furthermore, those backlinks have a high degree of variation in their anchor text and point to a variety of different pages. Websites with a natural link structure tend to rank highly in the search engines.

You need to understand that this is an “age of specialization.” To gain an advantage over your competitors, you need to focus on what you do BEST — your core business tasks.

So, when you hire us, you’ll immediately gain a competitive advantage.

Question: Can poor quality links really lower my rankings?
Yes. In fact, there are now firms that specialize in trying to undo some of the damage caused by illegal and “spammy” link building practices.Google’s goal is to provide relevant search results. The main way they rank sites is by determining the number and quality of the backlinks to your site. To combat spammed backlinks, they look at how quickly the links to your site appeared and whether they seem “natural.”If they determine that you’ve been spamming links, your search engine ranking can fall like a rock. In some cases, your site can even be delisted altogether.So here’s the BIG question…

Is it worth using dangerous, spammed backlinks only to receive a very short-lived rankings gain?

We don’t think so. That’s why we focus on safety and quality.

Question: I found a firm that charges a lower rate — so why should I hire you?
Since we’re an offshore company, our rates tend to be among the lowest anywhere on the planet.However, when you price SEO or link building services, you need to make sure you’re comparing apples with apples.If you found a price lower than ours, it’s almost certain that the low-priced firm is using risky, automated methods of building backlinks.They’re also probably outsourcing the work to unskilled workers who do very little except input data and click their spamming software.

However, as I explained in the previous question, that is a very dangerous strategy.

To keep you safe, we build ALL of our backlinks manually. Plus, all work is performed by humans — NOT software. Furthermore, we DO NOT outsource. All work is handled by our FULLY TRAINED staff under the supervision of our knowledgeable managers.

To summarize, when you hire, you’re getting an experienced team that is reliable, works safely, and provides services at a very low cost.

For you… it’s WIN-WIN-WIN.

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say… is your best and safest choice for all your link building and SEO needs.

As I’ve mentioned, we have a TON of experience. Many of our clients have multiple websites or run SEO companies who use us to do work for their client sites.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say…

Very happy with the level of service”

“I did a lot of research before deciding to go with Kashem’s link building service. I could have done it myself, but the time it would have taken would have been enormous. I was very happy with the level of service. I highly recommend Kashem and his staff for your link-building needs!”

“Satisfied with the results”

“I am an old customer and have used your link building services about 6-7 times. I’ve always been satisfied with the results and my improved ranking in Google”.
–Mordechai Welt

“Does a great job”

“Just wanted to say Kashem and his team does a great job. As an eCommerce business, his work is invaluable and I am excited to have him as a long term business partner.”
–Craig Smith

“This company knows their stuff”

“With WeBuildLink Service, I have seen my link popularity rise! This company knows their stuff. They complete projects in a timely manner and are professional and hard working. I will continue to look to them for any link-building services I’ll need in the future.”
Southern California

“I really appreciate the quality”

“I really appreciate the quality of SEO service you have provided. I do not have a lot of knowledge about SEO and you all have helped rank my site. My clients are finding me all over the web. I will continue to use your great service.”
–Brian Flechsig
Denver, Colorado

Excellent link building service

“ is indeed an excellent service. I am excited to see my site rankings climb and every week, my inbound links have been increasing steadily. This was the jolt that my new site has been longing for. I will use their services again!”
Esam :

Guaranteed Results…

When you hire us, we guarantee that we’ll MANUALLY build your back links using SAFE, “white hat” methods. And, as the number of links to your site grows, your traffic WILL INCREASE.

If it doesn’t — due to tough SEO competition — we’ll perform a FREE analysis of your site to determine the root problem and then suggest an alternative SEO strategy to target your keywords.

We want you to be satisfied with our work and receive GREAT RESULTS.

So, if you ever have a problem or question, just let us know. We’re here to help!

We Offer Affordable & Flexible Link Building Solutions…

Not all businesses are the same. That’s why we offer 3 basic types of link building solutions. Simply choose the option that right for your business…

Monthly, Ongoing Link Building Services

Our ongoing service is perfect for niche websites.This service is subscription based, so you’ll be charged a modest fee each month. (But, of course, you can cancel at any time.)A unique aspect of this service is that we charge BY THE URL — NOT by the keyword. This lets us build diverse links that appear completely NATURAL to Google and the other search engines.


“Offshore” (Full or Part Time) SEO Link Builder Leasing

Leasing a TRAINED link builder is an ideal solution for SEO companies or any business that wants to have an offshore person to do the hard, tedious work of building links.Not only do you get a worker who is experienced and ready to begin working, but you also get that worker for a super-low rate. In fact, you can “hire” a full time worker for just $4.50 per hour (in US dollars). More …

“Packaged” Link Building Services

Our link building packages are perfect for projects with limited budgets.They’re ideal for those who do not have a monthly budget for continuous link building. Instead, this service lets you pay a one-time fee for a specific link building package.For complete details & pricing, simply click the button below…


Need other services? No problem. We offer a complete array of SEO-related services. (Please feel free to contact us for additional information.)

Get Started Today!

If you choose the wrong link builder, you can end up receiving poor service and results — which means you’ve WASTED your time and money.

We try hard every day to PROVE we’re the very best. In fact, that’s what separates us from the majority of SEO firms. We build YOUR links with the same care we would use to build our own.

We have an in-depth understanding of link building and SEO. We’re true EXPERTS — not beginners posing as experts (which is VERY common).

You can take your chances with firms that use automated methods and put your business in DANGER, or you can choose for safe links and MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS.

The bottom line is that increasing your rank in the search engines is all about building QUALITY links… and that’s where we excel.

Let us prove it to you…

Place your order today or contact us for additional information. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Yours For Superior Quality Back Links,


Abul Kashem

P.S. When you hire us, we’ll help you achieve your ranking goals by building natural backlinks at an extremely affordable price. Place Your Order Today…

P.S.S. With our help, you’ll be able to increase your rankings while being able to focus your time and effort on your core business functions. In this way, we can give you an almost UNFAIR advantage over your competitors! Get Started Now…