Complete Link Building Steps

If you’re reading this, you know what you want: you want your website to get ranked, preferably in the first few spots, for a set of keywords that you think will drive customers to your website. It’s all good that you have a beautiful, high-quality site just teeming with every detail that will appeal to your target audience, but you know full well that without traffic, that beautiful website is like a painting in a private art collection: you might appreciate it, but no one else ever will.

So how do you go about driving the traffic you need? You start with a complete link building service. Link building plans can be exquisitely complex things, and in many cases your best bet is to hire an SEO company like WeBuildLink to do the job of building one. Here is the steps that WeBuildLink takes when we build your a complete link building package:

Step One: Choose Keywords

The first thing we do is get a large list of keywords, from the 2-3 word ultracompetitive phrases to the 8-15 word longtail phrases with almost no competition — and we collect them from a variety of sources. Now, as any expert will attest, this stage alone can take weeks or months for a novice, or an afternoon if you have a team of professionals like WeBuildLink working for you. Either way, the next thing you need to do is divide your keywords into two groups.

The first group are your ‘powerhouse’ keywords — the shorter, high search volume, high competition keywords that you’ll have to work fairly hard to rank for, but once you’ve made it, will be the bulk of your business. These keywords should be ones that appear regularly on your landing pages — for example, your main page, your products/services page, and any other page you expect to get lots of eyes on.

The second group are your longtail keywords — longer, lower search volume, lower competition keywords that will be individually easy to rank for, but won’t be terribly effective individually. You’ll generally want to write specific pages for your long-tail keywords, and link them to your landing pages.

This is precisely the process that forms the first step of most SEO companies’ complete link building service — but in the case of WeBuildLink, there are further proprietary steps we take in order to ensure that your keywords aren’t just solid, but they also contain the kind of language people use when they actually want to BUY something. That way, you don’t waste time ranking for keywords used by ‘tire-kickers’ and people just looking for free information.

Step Two: Consider Your Limitations

After you’ve got your basic tools in hand, it’s time to take a firm and honest look at what you can expect to do with them. The first thing to acknowledge is that good linkbuilding takes time — not just in terms of your SEO company’s investment in hours, but also that the effect of each hour spent building links builds on the hour that came before it. Like building a bridge brick by brick, you shouldn’t expect even a complete link building service to get you from where you are to ‘too much traffic’ in a week, or even a month, or even three months. What you can count on is that solid, dedicated link building can get you about 100 visitors per day for every week we spend working on it.

Then, you have to ask yourself about your site’s conversions. If you only covert half a percent of all of your visitors, then even a thousand visitors a day is only going to mean 5 sales. If you can convert 5%, however, you can make 50 sales per day. So in the end, the effectiveness of your link building plan is related directly to your effectiveness at utilizing the traffic you can generate with it.

Step Three: Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy

You have to know what your competitors have done to reach the top 5 spots of the keywords you’re competing for. WeBuildLink will help you get a profile of their backlinks – how many, what kinds, from where, and how long they’ve been around – and you’re going to have to beat all of them in order to get to the top of the rankings for that keyword. That’s when you’kk start to understand just how much work has to go into our complete link building service in order to get to a meaningful degree of success.

Then, you have to realize that your competition isn’t static, either — every six months or so, we’ll have to do the competition’s profiles all over again and see how quickly they’re growing. You might find out that you’re just as behind now as you were then because they’re working just as fast as you! Or, you might find that a complete newcomer with deep pockets has hired a team and outpaced both you and the people you thought you were competing against. Either way, we’ve got more work to do.

In the end, it’s events like those last examples that break the spirits of many a webmaster. There’s nothing as soul-crushing as putting 10 hours a day into ensuring a website’s success only to learn that someone who had more money to spend has raised the bar beyond your reach. That’s where having an experienced team on your side makes all the difference in the world — because where any single individual will give up and move on, a team like WeBuildLink will pivot, choose new keywords with less vigorous competition, and power right along. With WBL’s complete link building service working 24/7/365, success isn’t a yes or no question, it’s just a matter of time, because our experts have been there — and we know how to do it right, no matter what.